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MedTech South: Your One-Source Partner
for Translation and Commercialization

MedTech South performs end-to-end medical technologies translation, with strategies and solutions customized to each unique concept, inventor, clinical need, approval process, and exit objective.

We simplify the complex process of Concept-to-Comercialization by planning and executing every step of the process.

Our services cover all phases of establishing a med tech business from identifying market potential to intellectual capital protection and licensing to exit or global commercialization.

We design, manage, assemble and implement solutions to the problems of med tech translation.

Our solutions are designed to establish your business faster and more efficiently while minimizing risk and improving profitability.

MTS Provides a One-Source Advantage.

The MTS Team identifies, designs, manages, assembles and implements solutions designed to give you the advantage during the critical translation, approval, and commercialization stages.

MTS Features:

  • Multiple medical specialties
  • Extra lean investment model
  • Adjacent venture fund
  • Tightly controlled stage-gate development process
  • Global virtualization and state-of-the-art collaboration platform
  • Smart Resources: domain knowledge, prototyping,
        FDA process, preclinical research, clinicians,
        scientists, reimbursement, commercialization
  • World-Class Network
  • Pre-programmed exit targets

  • "The key differences between med tech and other start-ups are regulatory, reimbursement, and IP. Understanding and managing their effects on methods, money, and time is integral to success."